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Författare Ämne: Watch a massive VR space battle in the latest Eve Valkyrie trailer  (läst 609 gånger)

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Virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus are almost here, but they still need games: and the upcoming Eve Valkyrie is shaping up to be one of the platform's first blockbuster hits. The spaceship sim is a spinoff of the massively multiplayer universe Eve Online, and the latest trailer, revealed at Eve's fanfest event in Iceland, shows just how intense piloting a ship in VR can be. Eve's infamously huge space battles look a whole lot different from the cockpit of a fighter — though there's no word yet on when you'll be able to strap a virtual spaceship to your face. The game is due to hit both the Rift and Morpheus sometime in the future.


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