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CoD server rules
« skrivet: 2008-11-24, 07:59:03 »
CoD World at War - Server rules

- All members of Old Gents are admins.
- Foul language will end up in getting kicked from the server.
- Repeated foul language might end up i a ban.
- Only Swedish and/or English in chat.
- Be polite and help fellow players that might be new to the game.
- Calling people noob and/or cheater will result in a kick/ban
- Have fun and kill eachother but remember... IT'S ONLY A GAME!!!
- Our servers are protected against chetaers with PunkBuster and PBBans

« Senast ändrad: 2008-11-24, 12:54:22 by Enos Pork »

Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is; never try.


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