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Författare Ämne: Ny version Project Reality v0.75  (läst 962 gånger)

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Ny version Project Reality v0.75
« skrivet: 2008-03-17, 22:40:32 »
Ja, som sagt.

Tankas ner här:

Bug Fixes and Tweaks
We have concentrated on tackling as many bugs as possible, here is a list of the major issues resolved in the Project Reality v0.75 Patch.

Militia rally collision mesh improved

Scimitar tracer length reduced

Building glitches removed

Increased "time to live" of laser targets to 30s

Added a 3 second delay-to-use on all stationary heavy and light machine guns

Removed heavy anti-tank missile warning for the targets; improved aiming and control

Weapon handling improvements and tweaks, especially for the sniper and designated marksmen rifles

Improved ammo bags and field dressings to not fall through the floor

Updated deployable assets rules to enable building next to 2 supply crates

Improved Warrior and Scimitar cannons

Improvements to armor turret stabilization and thermal vision.

Officers no longer see the health of vehicles (engineers now have this ability)

Grenade throwing range, as well as grenade explosive force and radius have been reduced.

Grenades, smoke, and other items that are thrown have deviation when running and/or jumping.
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