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Författare Ämne: SPECIAL PROMOTION! Offer ends 22 November  (läst 1283 gånger)

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SPECIAL PROMOTION! Offer ends 22 November
« skrivet: 2013-11-20, 02:49:11 »
There has never been a better moment to start playing EVE Online…

The die has been cast, the Empires more estranged from each other than ever before, once mighty alliances broken and scattered to the wind. But nature abhors vacuum.
Beyond Rubicon lies power that ordinary pilots could never have imagined in years gone by. Now is your chance to seize the day and forge your own empire among the smoldering ashes of old regime. A chance to find new comrades, seek your own destiny, and leave your named scarred across New Eden’s history for centuries to come.

There is no turning back. Can the biggest gaming community on Earth take on New Eden?

Until November 22, take advantage of our special Rubicon promotion and purchase a Starter Pack with 30 days of game time at a 75% discount, a 1 PLEX package at 15% off or buy the Rubicon bundle and get a headstart in the galactic race!

Buy EVE Online: Starter Pack -75% 19,95€ 4,99€


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