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Författare Ämne: Dagens patch 1.1  (läst 1121 gånger)

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Dagens patch 1.1
« skrivet: 2018-03-20, 09:56:18 »

  • Fixed - The operator can be invisible for all users or have a different BDU equipped instead of the selected one when switching operator at the last moment.
  • Fixed - All equipped weapon skins, charms, uniforms and headgear (except those awarded by the Season Pass) are reset to default after losing connectivity.
  • Fixed - R6 Credits are not received after buying them from Shop.
  • Fixed - The Starter Pack discount pop up for Blitz cannot be closed.
  • Fixed - Player lose access to Operator from Starter Edition bundles when purchasing Standard Edition.
  • Fixed - The play ranked button can be selected for a second after a user below clearance level 20 join the squad.
  • Fixed - The Gold Skin for Hibana's P229 is corrupted.
  • Fixed - Text overlaps the preview Operator image in Highlights tab from the Shop Menu.
  • Fixed - While wearing the Sidewinder Elite uniform, Ash's eyes will be slightly misaligned in the MVP screen.
  • Fixed - When the Hostage is DBNO before escort, there is no "revive" icon or timer.
  • Fixed - Occasionally, in poor network conditions, Hostage can remain stuck if it enters DBNO while being pick up by a player.
  • Fixed - He Grunt Chibi is stuck to the magazine while reloading.
  • Fixed - Drone can be placed inside walls of plane from 3F cockpit stairs on Plane.
  • Fixed - Old Gents will no longer suck, just not excel either.
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SV: Dagens patch 1.1
« Svar #1 skrivet: 2018-03-20, 10:05:24 »
Gillar att de fixat den osynliga mannen och gillar verkligen att det kalkylerande fortsätter att vara oberäkeneligt  :thumb

Edit dagen efter patchen:
Fast vad man kan se så är det osynliga fortfarande osynligt och ej fixat.... kolla bilden
« Senast ändrad: 2018-03-21, 14:59:31 by Skalis »
Vid ovisshet, ställ en fråga så kan man slippa det ovissa, men är du dum på riktigt så hjälper det inte att fråga!


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