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Författare Ämne: Har du WindowsUpdate processen avslagen? kan bli problem vid inst./upd. av spel,  (läst 958 gånger)

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Något jag skrev på engelska, orkar inte översätta men postar det då det kan vara av värde,
 Only applies to those that have Windows-update process turned off.
 Also on own risk!

 Some of the external Microsoft packages does not get installed unless that process is running, it does not cause any install error and verify game-files do pass!
 The only way to see it is to actually look at installed packages.
 Many of us have that windows process turned off to avoid updates we do not want, and to do the update when we want to do it.
 The "_CommonRedist" folder for the specific game do contain the extra packages for the Steam-games and can be installed more than once, some packages do not need the Microsoft connection to actually install, but some do!
 Figured this out the hard way spending many hours on the kids computer with Farcry 5 not running, some Microsoft packages/updates where simply not installed due to me having the Windows update process off and no warnings during install or file verification.



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